PCA links inconsistency

  Covergirl 02 Dec 11

I notice that when you are in the forums, just below the menu bar (News Reviews How-to Forums), on certain forum index pages there are links to all the other forums, whereas on others, just your current location (e.g You are here>Homepage>Forums>Helproom)

The forums with ALL the links are Business, Speakers Corner, Mobile World and Windows8.

I find that having all the links available is more convenient.

Anyone else any preference?

  Aitchbee 02 Dec 11

I have not noticed that,Covergirl. I will look out for what you are talkin' about. I, invariably just use about 3 clicking points on the PCA website.

  Graphicool1 03 Dec 11


"Anyone else any preference?"

Yes, i preferred it when, after the change over, briefly they had a list of the 'FORUMS' at the bottom of the page. It was so convenient, to just drop to the bottom and click on a forum.

  D@ve 03 Dec 11

Graphicool1, they're still there aren't they? This is what I see under this reply box (it hasn't copied and pasted in quite the same layout - it's 3 lines on the actual webpage):

"Check out PC Advisor's other tech forums

Windows 7
Absolute Beginners
Speakers Corner
Windows Vista
Digital Home
Mobile World
Beta Testing Forum
Windows 8"
  simonjary 04 Dec 11

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. We'll get that fixed.

Links to all forums hasn't changed - should be on all forum pages.

Cheers, Simon

  bremner 04 Dec 11


Whilst we are on this subject I fairly regularly click on the "Last Response" time and get a thread with only the initial posting as opposed to the last page of postings.

  Forum Editor 04 Dec 11


I've never experienced your 'last response'problem, and I've just been trying to make it happen, but can't.

Has anyone else had the same problem as bremner?

  lotvic 04 Dec 11

Yes, same as bremner but not for couple of weeks. It seems ok for me at the moment.

  bremner 04 Dec 11

I usually access the site form an iPad, this may be significant I don't know. I am currently on my iMac but I have just clicked on the Last Response for this thread on my iPad and got only the initial post as I have previously described.

  bremner 04 Dec 11
  Forum Editor 04 Dec 11


Thinking it might be an iPad thing I tried it on my iPad, and I didn't get the same as you - I got what I should have seen - the last page of the thread.

I then tried it in Safari on my PC, and again, everything worked perfectly. I haven't seen any other reports like yours, so perhaps the problem lies at your end?


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