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  Brumas 12:02 03 Dec 06

Before I start, let’s make it crystal clear all that follows is written with my tongue very firmly embedded in my cheek, and there is absolutely no intention to belittle or patronise anyone.

Right, we are going to make a film of the title and, as we don’t want it to be controversial, we shall have Jerry Springer as Producer/Director. ;o)

You are allowed to cast yourself, using any personality, both past and present (the persona not necessarily the appearance), and an optional two others.

Myself, well it must be either Michael Bentine or Peter Sellers (Elvis Presley for looks – of course!)

F.E., of course, has to be played by Solomon (yes, I know, what sycophantic means – I am just hoping for next year’s subscription free!)

And finally GANDALF |:-)> has to be Atilla the Hun!

I am now going to retire to an underground bunker to await the last part of the film title ;o)

  Totally-braindead 12:58 03 Dec 06

Brumas if people do take this tongue in cheek then it could be fun but theres a good possability it would degrade into a slagging match.
I notice you mention Attila the Hun and I realise its meant to be a joke and I know Gandalf can stick up for himself but what if he doesn't think its funny? You might need the underground bunker I'm afraid.

  hijo 13:30 03 Dec 06

bizzare idea however i would cast myself as "the creature under the stairs"..lol or "the thing from another planet"

  Brumas 13:55 03 Dec 06

Picking up on what Totally-braindead posted, I must reiterate, it is only meant as a laugh and NOT a chance to have a pop at anyone.

Having read lots of GANDALF |:-)> I am pretty sure he will take it in the spirit it was meant.

  Bingalau 14:04 03 Dec 06

Can I be one of those supporting actors drinking Rum and Ginger Beer at the bar? You can do as many re-takes as you like.. Hic! ..Bingalau..

  Brumas 14:33 03 Dec 06


  Brumas 14:37 03 Dec 06

pattoo what have you done that requires the bullet? ;o)

hijo the mind boggles!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:38 03 Dec 06

Wasn't Attila the H really ugly? :-((((((


  sidecar sid 14:54 03 Dec 06

In the spirit of pattoo i would be the guest helmsman on the Enterprise.

  Forum Editor 14:57 03 Dec 06

I believe children used to cry when they saw him.

  season8 15:04 03 Dec 06

Attila the Hun was born around 406 A.D.
Called the Scourge of God by the Romans, Attila the Hun was King and General of the Hun empire from A.D. 433 to 453. Succeeding his Uncle, King Roas, in 433, Attila shared his throne with his brother Bleda. He inherited the Scythian hordes who were disorganized and weakened by internal strife. Attila's first order of affairs was to unite his subjects for the purpose of creating one of the most formidable and feared armies Asia had ever seen.

In 434 East Roman Emperor Theodosius II offered Attila and Bleda 660 pounds of gold annually with hopes of securing an everlasting peace with the Huns. This peace, however, was not long lived. In 441 Attila's Huns attacked the Eastern Roman Empire. The success of this invasion emboldened Attila to continue his westward expansion. Passing unhindered through Austria and Germany, Attila plundered and devastated all in his path.

In 451, having suffered a setback on the Plains of Chalons, by the allied Romans and Visigoths, Attila turned his attention to Italy. After having laid waste to Aquileia and many Lombard cities in 452, the Scourge of God met Pope Leo I who dissuaded him from sacking Rome.

Attila's death in 453 wasn’t quite what one would have expected from such a fierce barbarian warrior. He died not on the battlefield, but on the night of his marriage. On that night Attila, who, despite common misconceptions, was not a heavy drinker, drank heavily in celebration of his new bride. In his wedding chambers at the end of the event, Attila passed out flat on his back. It was then and there that Attila had a massive nosebleed which caused him to choke on his own blood.

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