PCA Favicon

  rdave13 04 Nov 11

Like the new Favourites icon. First time it's shown on the favourites bar in IE for quite a while.

  rdave13 04 Nov 11

Just as a matter of interest here's an old thread about the same thing, http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/16/speakers-corner/204010/the-pca-favicon/?ob=voted

  Aitchbee 04 Nov 11

I like the vastness of this area, where we all make our posts. We all stare at it and our minds are 'somewhere else', while we type in our offerings. It's THE POST A RESPONSE orange area...that gets us here.

  buteman 04 Nov 11

It does not open for me in Firefox and does not show at all on I/E.

  Aitchbee 04 Nov 11

buteman - it's the empty rectangular space area we all get, to transfer our thoughts via keyboard inputs, to all of the other 'respected members'.You are pulling my leg...

  Woolwell 04 Nov 11

AitchBEE - do you know what a favicon is? Because it isn't what you are describing.

Strangely I cannot get it to work in IE9 but it's ok in Firefox.

  rdave13 04 Nov 11

buteman, just opened FF and the favicon is the same old red square it always was . In IE9 64-bit it shows up as a reddish square that darkens towards the bottom with white lettering. Just noticed it tonight as it's usually the 'e' icon showing in IE.

  rdave13 04 Nov 11

PS it's also showing in the tab.

  Woolwell 04 Nov 11

I get it with Safari and FF but not IE9.

  rdave13 04 Nov 11
  Aitchbee 04 Nov 11

Woolwell - thanks, for putting me right...but my 'favespace' on this great website, is the clear slate we all have to 'chip in' our viewpoints...good..bad or indifferent.


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