PCA articles get everywhere...

  Seth Haniel 14:18 30 Jul 08

click here;1505875366;pp;2;fp;4;fpid;802452

Good Gear Guide Australia

click here;1505875366;fp;4;fpid;782452;pf;1

PCWorld Australia


  dagbladet 15:34 30 Jul 08

All part of the IDG empire.

  dagbladet 15:35 30 Jul 08

Here's another from Oz

click here

  dagbladet 15:37 30 Jul 08

Czech version

click here

  dagbladet 15:39 30 Jul 08

Sierra Leonne's is simple yet functional

click here

In fact to save clutter here's a full Worldwide list;

click here

  Forum Editor 17:14 30 Jul 08

We publish more than 300 magazines and newspapers in 85 countries, and operate over 450 web sites.

  simonjary 13:26 31 Jul 08
  Seth Haniel 13:43 31 Jul 08

same link as dagbladets above ;)

came across these other sites when I did a yahoo search for my name ;) sad or what ;)

  TopCat® 16:07 31 Jul 08

Some interesting statistics for our very own PCA can be seen at click here I hope they keep them regularly updated! TC.

  Forum Editor 18:15 31 Jul 08

Thanks TC. We do update the stats on a regular basis.

It's good to read that "It (PCA) provides the most popular technology forum in Europe, where lively debate on topical IT issues sits abreast of advice on members' computer problems.

Especially as I didn't write the words.

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