pca off air for a while

  Aitchbee 12 Sep 12

I hope that everything gets back to normal.

What's Up?

  Aitchbee 12 Sep 12

Sorry for double-header, FE.

Are you still having some gremlins?

  Condom 12 Sep 12


Every time there is a big launch of something in the USA the site seems to crash. I kept trying to look at the iPhone 5 launch but it kept timing out.

I decided to go out for a meal with her indoors before she sets of for the USA and it is now back up but still pretty slow.

One of these things I think!!

  Aitchbee 12 Sep 12

Condom - I managed to get my toilet 'gutted' ... every cloud has a silver lining ;o]

  woodchip 12 Sep 12

Its been off for me, but working now faster than its done for a while for me

  morddwyd 13 Sep 12

I had major problems last evening.

I note all the responses about servers rebooting, and general site reliability, but I must say that this is the most unreliable site among those large sites which I visit regularly.

  Quickbeam 13 Sep 12

They do it now and again to remind us that we need to get out more...

  KRONOS the First 13 Sep 12

They do it now and again to remind us that we need to get out more...

A little more often than now and again, it seems each time they 'improve' the look of the website they have more problems.

  sunnystaines 13 Sep 12

was hoping it 2was off air to get hot of the bottom screen icon toolbar.

  simonjary 13 Sep 12

Apologies for the site performance. It's hurting with the traffic levels we're experiencing - over 300,000 views yesterday alone.

We're looking at optimising the servers but have to wait for our current service agreement to run through before we can make significant improvements.

As you have noted these things happen around specific product launches.

Thanks for your patience.


  morddwyd 13 Sep 12

I suppose logically that's a good thing, as the advertisers will like that level of traffic and the site will remain free.

It's just that when you're up to your * in alligators etc etc!


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