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PCA 3 trial issues

  LinH 19:22 26 Jun 06

An advertisement on the PCA home page alternates between a free Windows XP book and subscription, or 3 trial issues of PCA.

However, when trying to select the 3 trial isues, one is still directed to the free book and subsciption ad. Would anyone from PCA care to comment why this is so?

Is there a way to access the 3 trial issues or not? If not, isn't this advertisement somewhat misleading?

  spuds 22:58 26 Jun 06
  LinH 20:18 27 Jun 06

Cheers, will do.

  keef66 13:40 29 Jun 06

If it's like it was when I took up the free issues offer a couple of years ago, I think you have to sign up for subscription, then remember to cancel it after your three free ones. I did, but got another 2 issues free anyway in an attempt to get me hooked. I resisted manfully.

  jimb72 13:43 03 Jul 06

Hi, the web banner is advertising the same promotion, they are just different frames that you are seeing. The Windows XP book comes with this package, the three trial issues are the first copies you receive in your subscription period, if you are really unhappy with the magazine you have the opportunity to cancel and receive your money back.
kind regards
Jim Birch
Subscriptions Manager

  Forum Editor 21:28 03 Jul 06

if you don't subscribe.

There's my column for one thing. That alone makes it worth every penny. You could write in, saying how much you disagree with what I say, and then I could ban you from the forum..........see how much fun we could have?

  wolfie3000 21:45 03 Jul 06

Bit harsh FE lol

I will probably get banned for saying this but i never subscribed as i already subscribe to pcgamer. :)

  LinH 22:31 03 Jul 06

Having already incurred the wrath of FE in another thread, 'having fun'seems to me to be a phrase with many different interpretations, it all depends on who is having the fun!

Nevertheless, I suppose I ought to subscribe, I wouldn't like to see FE outside the PCA offices with his hat on the pavement trying to generate an income playing some infernal instrument!

  wolfie3000 22:49 03 Jul 06

Maybe FE could work on the gunzonline forum as its in a right state 3 days out of the week its usually not online. ;)

  wolfie3000 22:56 03 Jul 06

How about FE if you ever fancied a change click on there forum page you will see what i mean.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:11 03 Jul 06

I love a challenge, but maybe not that challenge.

Never subscribed to the magazine eh? Right, you're out.

LinH........ Wrath, me? Surely not.

As for "some infernal instrument" how did you know I was an amateur blues guitarist?

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