PC or Mac Advisor

  ami 14:52 09 Jan 15

What is it with PC Advisor? When did it morph into Mac Advisor? Or is it just too lazy to publish PC related articles when it can just copy stuff from Mac World? The latest copy to hit my post box, (March 2015) has 3 pages on how to install Windows 10 on a Mac; 2 pages on how to charge your iphone; 2 pages on talking about itunes; 2 on the Apple Mac Min; 2 on the iphone 6 and 6+; another 2 on the ipad Air and Air2; 2 pages on itunes 12; half a page on the imac all-in-one; three quaters on how to set up parental controls on your ipad/iphone; 4 pages on Apple Car Play and no less than 5 pages on Siri, Apple's voice assist, a grand total of over 25 pages of Mac World copies. As a non-Apple user none of this is of the slightest interest to me and most of the magazine is thus a waste of my money. If this trend continues my subscription will not be re-newed

  bremner 15:19 09 Jan 15

Personal Computer Advisor

Is a Mac not a personal computer?

  HondaMan 19:04 09 Jan 15

Apple is taking over

  SparkyJack 08:52 10 Jan 15

Indeed a personal computer is a machine that will run many operating systems Many of us run our machines on Mint/Ubuntu/Crunch Bang/Pinguy among many others,and when ever a query on any of these come up one of will find a member ready to help.

Windows and Mac are not the only fruit.

  Quickbeam 08:59 10 Jan 15

An android is a fruit?

  wee eddie 11:59 10 Jan 15

I am rather enjoying the arrival of the MacWorld workforce. I have been swithering for a while, and am still, Windows 10 will be a game changer.

My PC needs replacing, I am locked into MS Office's version of Outlook, so Linux is not an option. So it's down to how much I need to learn to use the new Operating System. I'm in the lucky position that if I really want to I can afford Apples out of the Petty Cash.

Not because I'm rich, but because it's a business expense.

p.s. I haven't read MacWorld: Are there articles about PCs in it?

  SparkyJack 12:16 10 Jan 15

Wee Eddie

What is your current O/S and why if you could go Apple is a Linux O/S not an option for you?

Have you looked/tried?

  Forum Editor 13:08 10 Jan 15


"Windows and Mac are not the only fruit."

Maybe, but they are far and away the biggest. The market share for Linux (desktop installations) tends to hover around the 1% to 2% mark, and that's a pretty small number.

Mac users account for about 6.5%.

By far the giant's share of the operating system market is occupied by MS Windows - the various versions run on 92% of desktops and laptops.

  Aitchbee 13:23 10 Jan 15

I've noticed that in the blinking-of-an-eye ie. the timespace-of-about-2-years, Apple has started to take over [like a weed?] the computer book 'n' magazine shelves at my local bigname stationanery store.

  bumpkin 13:26 10 Jan 15

Maybe Ami is biosed.

  wee eddie 14:26 10 Jan 15

Sparky Jack: Simples ~ There is no version of MS Office - Outlook for Linux and all the details of my Personal Contacts are within Outlook and there is no easy way of transferring them

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