pc mags in sealed plastic bags

Am I being cynical, or do publishers put their mags in sealed plastic bags because if you could preview the contents you probably wouldn't buy the mag.

  Dan the Confused 22:41 23 Feb 05

It's probably to stop annoying people like me from reading them in the shop without buying them.

  rdave13 22:50 23 Feb 05

They do it so the mag lasts longer-I always have a hell of a struggle to open the dam things.I usually surrender and fall back on my secret device!
Glad someone invented scissors. :-)

  mec13 23:23 23 Feb 05

the simple answer is to stop people pinching part of the package that comes with the mag. Your supposed to buy it first,well so they say!

  Forum Editor 00:50 24 Feb 05

a. Stealing cover CDs

b. Standing there and reading the magazine without paying.

a. Most cover CDs are not worth stealing

b. If the content was good enough, people would buy the mag.

  ventanas 09:10 24 Feb 05

Must admit, apart from PCA (cringe) I always like to browse any mag before buying, if only to see what is advertised on the cover is what I expect to find. I do not bother with those wrapped in plastic.

  sattman 10:26 24 Feb 05

My absolute annoyance is those people who line up at the shop magazine display area for the free ride and use it as their local library. Most are not just browsing, they are into it in detail. I would pay more willingly for any magazines to have it wrapped, just to put a stop to this.

  Sapins 10:31 24 Feb 05

Probably the same people who take a bite out of something in a supermarket and leave it on another shelf?

  herc182 11:46 24 Feb 05

pay a visit to "borders" the book shop. there they allow you to read ANY magazine you want for free (and they have the biggest selection imaginable). they usually have a starbucks in there that you can buy a coffee and grab say 4 magazines off the shelf.
i spent 2 hours in there in Oxford waiting for my girlfriend (at an interview for a chemistry PHD....i shudder to think how anyone can do that....)because, well, i dont really like oxford.

so anyway, goo to borders to read magazines for free!!

  spuds 13:03 24 Feb 05

I subscribe to a number of monthly magazines, and since the introduction of the plastic bag, I find that the freebie cd or other free items can and is most likely to go missing.Nothing like having an open clear window that invites the curious mind of the observer!.

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