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  happyhacker 06:51 AM 16 Mar 13

I have a reasonably fast Win 7 Pro laptop but I am constantly annoyed when loading the PC Advisor pages. Especially so when I got that flashy ad which I didn't want and had to wait several seconds for it to finish before I could close it. There is just too much stuff flashing around on the page.

Please do something or I will stop coming to this website!

  passing through 20:13 PM 18 Mar 13

Forum Editor

I live 2 miles away from our exchange and if lucky have a 2.5Mbps connection.

The reason PCA loads so fast in IE10 is because I have the script disabled.

  wee eddie 20:56 PM 18 Mar 13

After FE's comment @ 7.08, I thought I'd better clarify the issue.

At one point, the background Ad was taking more than a minute to load. Of course, not only was it not possible to scroll down the thread, but also, none of the Links were active, so that one couldn't leave the page.

  happyhacker 22:23 PM 18 Mar 13

I just cannot stand it any longer! I'll use another forum for my IT postings.

  mole1944 07:04 AM 20 Mar 13

Happy hacker download spyware blaster and run it it gets rid of a lot of ads and pages load much quicker. Well done FE you've got myself and others to get shut of lots of ads, that's a revenue stream intrusion we don't have to put up with.

  mart7 19:01 PM 20 Mar 13

happy hacker can you not try anything thats been suggested by myself and others and use an ad blocker?


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