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  happyhacker 16 Mar 13

I have a reasonably fast Win 7 Pro laptop but I am constantly annoyed when loading the PC Advisor pages. Especially so when I got that flashy ad which I didn't want and had to wait several seconds for it to finish before I could close it. There is just too much stuff flashing around on the page.

Please do something or I will stop coming to this website!

  tigertop2 17 Mar 13

I don't know whether it is luck on my set up on W7or just plain chance but I don't seem to be bothered by ad interference to any annoying degree. They are there on the sides and occasionally on a pop up that is easily removed but rarely do they interrupt the various forum pages I want to consult I have found it is such a useful Forum for all sorts of reasons over at least 5 year plus that I can put up with a degree of commercial pitching

  Bing.alau 17 Mar 13

My experience is pretty much the same as tigertops2. So I find it no big deal. Once or twice over the past six or so years there is an exception and from what our FE says they are dealing with one now. So I am quite happy with the site. I get more problems with my own computer, but that's because I am not a geek like some of you youngsters who have been taught in school and should therefore be ready to deal with pop up ads.

  happyhacker 17 Mar 13

Of course the more flashy stuff on a website the more bandwidth used and if on a limited bandwidth per month deal the more it is used up by someone else in an unwanted fashion!

One thing I hate more than anything is a video opening automatically. I instantly leave the site.

  woodchip 17 Mar 13

As I have said many times disable Java Script in your Browser and a lot of your problems will be gone. however, you do need it running to post a link

  mole1944 18 Mar 13

FE i do not have any statistics,but from the constant complaints of the forum about load speeds i will let the forum judge if or if i'm correct on loading times.

  bremner 18 Mar 13


You can still post a link with Javascript off, just cut and paste it into the posting.

  wee eddie 18 Mar 13

W7 and IE10, newly loaded.

Fairly flying today: Page refresh time reduced from 35 seconds to about 10, which is quite acceptable.

  mart7 18 Mar 13

happy hacker Try this ad blocker it certainly works on this site


  passing through 18 Mar 13

wee eddie

IE10 with windows 7

PCA pages load in less than 0.5 of a second, that is 1/2 of a second.

  Forum Editor 18 Mar 13

passing through

People have different connection speeds, and that will have a big effect on page loading times.


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