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  dagnammit 11:36 18 Apr 09

I keep clicking the games topic zone instead of the forum. :(

Then the xbox 360 video starts to play... and for the record it is not wifi ready like the video says.

  wiz-king 11:37 18 Apr 09

Same trouble with 'digital world' - same name in both zones!

  Managing ed 12:15 18 Apr 09

Just kidding. It's not something that we've ever received complaints about before, but if many people share your concerns, perhaps we'll look at it again.

Thanks for your feedback, we do appreciate it.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  crosstrainer 14:15 18 Apr 09

When I use my 19" widescreen monitor, instead of my main pc which has a 24".

Minor annoyance really :))

  dagnammit 21:17 19 Apr 09

Ok, what about the inaccurate video?

  Forum Editor 22:27 19 Apr 09

if it exists, is something you'll need to take up with Microsoft, rather than us. They made the video, and the commentary says the Xbox 360 is 'both wifi and video camera ready'. You need to add the optional camera and wifi adapter.

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