PC Advisor ripping us off

  AndyC121 17:52 06 May 08

Do we really need 14 pages for an Apple story that could be on three pages! Or are PC Advisor just ruining the user experience to get their page impressions up? A nice story but practically a paragraph per page is a joke.

Can anyone reccomend another computer orientated website?

Come on PCA sort it out.

you on about the web site or the mag?

How does one page or 14 pages equate to "ripping us off" You dont pay anything to view it.
Ive not found a better computer orientated website.

  jakimo 18:07 06 May 08


  Forum Editor 18:20 06 May 08

access to it, and the information and help available here costs you absolutely nothing, and costs us tens of thousands of pounds a year to run. Quite how you we can be ripping you off when we charge nothing is beyond me.

I think it's you who needs to get sorted out, and no doubt you'll be happier posting your rubbish on some other 'computer orientated website' - we've managed to struggle on without you for over seven years, no doubt we'll survive without you from now on.

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