PC Advisor Online Customer Sevices

  johndrew 09:31 13 Jun 13

I recently contacted the PC Advisor Subscriptions group with reference to my magazine subscription and received and acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail - so far so good.

Within the text of the mail it says, "We do offer ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICES via www.subscription.co.uk/help where you can check on-sale dates, start and expire issues, change your address and confirm the status of your subscription.". A good idea I think so I click the link which takes me to this page where the option is to select the magazine.

An interesting exercise as PC Advisor fails to appear as an option in the list. Moving back to www.subscription.co.uk and searching also fails to provide PC Advisor as existing on the site. Is there something subscribers should know? After all other magazines have folded!

  Al94 09:46 13 Jun 13

There are numerous magazines not available through subscription.co.uk

PC Advisor is available through this site

  Chronos the 2nd 10:10 13 Jun 13

As a matter of interest what does PCAdvisor charge these days for the monthly magazine? With cost cutting I had to cut the number of magazines I subscribe to and PCA had to go so have not bought it for some time.

  johndrew 11:12 13 Jun 13


I don't disagree with what you say. My point is that the link provided (i.e. subscription.co.uk) was supplied by PC Advisor in an e-mail from [email protected]! Don't you find that odd?

Chronos the 2nd

The cost depends on whether you buy singly, three issues, six monthly or annually. I understand the costs are £5.99, £9.99 and £19.99 and £35.88 respectively.

  pateash1 12:15 13 Jun 13

Dear johndrew,

Nothing to worry about. PC Advisor isn't going anywhere. We are in the process of moving subscription houses and therefore our current subscription house has removed the title from their website. Please email me directly on [email protected] and I can put this subscription forward for you.

Ash Patel Marketing Manager

  johndrew 15:48 13 Jun 13

Hello Ash,

Many thanks for your input; it may also help others.

I have e-mailed you.

  bjh 18:30 13 Jun 13

Now, should I be advising a member of the PCA staff not to put their full email address on the web to avoid spam, or is that OTT? ;) It's what we advise to newbie posters, after all...

(By the way, I think it's great that staff DO regularly visit, comment, and offer contact for problem resolving...)

Now the PM facility is back on, that might be a better way to contact staff...

  Forum Editor 22:31 13 Jun 13


PCA email addresses (including Ash Patel's) are there for all to see on the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of this and every forum page.

  bjh 14:05 14 Jun 13

Um... er... I'm not sure I ever had scrolled down all that way.... all sorts of interesting links .... apologies... It did seem a bit teaching grandmother to suck eggs....

I'll go and look at some links with my lunch..... {runs off embarrassed >>> }

  wiz-king 14:51 14 Jun 13

bjh Nothing like a good sausage in a sandwich for lunch.

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