pavement drawings

  peg 23:10 24 Apr 08

found this on you tube worth a look I think very talented man. click here

  mrwoowoo 23:51 24 Apr 08

Absolutely awesome.
Thats what i call fun art. I really enjoyed that.
As you say,very talented.

  Quickbeam 00:55 25 Apr 08

eat your heart out...

  DANZIG 01:01 25 Apr 08

...not the abominations that people like Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst 'create'..

  Earthsea 01:45 25 Apr 08

I'm sure he'd find it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Of course, anamorphosis artwork is nothing new; Hans Holbein was doing it ages ago click here

Viewed from a different angle you see click here

  Quickbeam 14:03 25 Apr 08

I don't suppose you know a good 'lute riff' for that lute to cross thread with the riff thread...?

  peg 17:33 25 Apr 08

there was a tv progam about the restoration of this holbein painting a few years back, the ditail is incredible. I bought a print and still marvel at the skill involved.

  lisa02 17:47 25 Apr 08

He's good.

I watched him do a piece at a local shopping centre and in was very surreal to look at from different angles.

  Strawballs 21:47 25 Apr 08
  pj123 12:51 27 Apr 08

Absolutely awesome.

If I ever get one wish from the good fairy it has always been:

"I wish I could draw"

  peg 15:28 27 Apr 08

the one with the hose pipe is jaw dropping. I wonder what he like at more convectional drawings or painting.

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