Paul Potts....

  dagnammit 12:40 21 Apr 09

I was wondering if (I think I actually asked him on here a while back) if he was coming to Belfast.

Turns out he is: click here

I shall be heading into the Watefront to buy some tickets post-haste, ok Thursday when I'm off work, lol.

  Terry Brown 13:19 21 Apr 09

Is this a silly question, as you do not mention any names or a plug for an Artist /Concert?

  dagnammit 13:31 21 Apr 09

let me clarify:

The thread's about me looking forward to going to see Paul Potts in concert.

You can post "on topic" responses that may include references to Paul Potts, Britain's Got Talent or, loosely, classical music.

  wee eddie 13:53 21 Apr 09

To follow "dagnammit's" posting ~ Paul is one of us!

  Kaacee 13:55 21 Apr 09

who is Paul Potts when hes about????????

  Clapton is God 13:59 21 Apr 09

Which planet have you been on for the last 12 month or so?

click here

click here

He's also a member of this Forum - pavvi

  Al94 18:30 21 Apr 09

Can't be many forum members would get £30 a ticket for a performance!!

  Forum Editor 18:54 21 Apr 09

but please bear in mind the fact that lots of people - newer members included - may not know who you're talking about. Not everyone watches the TV programme that brought Paul to fame.

  caccy 19:53 21 Apr 09


"who is Paul Potts when hes about????????"

Join the club

I've never heard of him either, and neither has my wife !!!!

  spuds 19:55 21 Apr 09

Last Saturday, there was a front page cover photograph and article about Paul Potts in the Daily Mail Weekend supplement. Well worth a read.

  Kaacee 21:06 21 Apr 09

If he appeared on one of the so called "talent" shows then I would not have heard or seen him as I do not watch this rubbish.

Sorry Clapton is God, obviously you do.

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