spikeychris 15:09 11 Jul 04

Every time I advise anyone at work about a net/user/login password I always say.."use different passwords" But I always us the same one on almost everything. Stoopid I know but there you go I'm just too bone ldle to change them. Is this common or is it just me thats to lazy?

  bremner 15:17 11 Jul 04

The problem with a password is, is that you have to remember it.

How many people use the same password and when prompted to change it simply add a number to the end and then incrementally increase that at the next prompt.

The majority of people choose short words relating to their family, pets, favourite football team etc.

It has also been stated that in 75% of cases a password is written down and is within six feet of the computer. (stuck on a piece of paper under the keyboard is apparently a favourite.)

I think the way forward will be biometrics and then we can consign passwords to the bin along with floppy disks and 8 track stereo’s.

….and yes I am just as lazy with my passwords.

  justme 16:23 11 Jul 04

Do as I say, not do as I do?

I too am lazy and almost always use the same password. If I were to use a different password for every application or computer then I would quickly forget which password referred to what.

The alternative is to write them down in a notebook and then be at a complete loss when I misplace the notebook.

As a sort of compromise I keep most of the passwords in an electronic organiser. These of course are stored in a secure area of the organiser which necessitates yet another password.

I also have the same problem with bank cards and their PIN numbers. I can never remember which PIN number applies to which card. Still it helps to cut down my spending :-)

  smokingbeagle 17:00 11 Jul 04

Try here
You could keep the password folder on a floppy. Complicated, if you share your PC but it works because you have one thing to remember and protect.

  €dstowe 17:01 11 Jul 04

I'm always badgering my staff to change the passwords on a regular basis and to keep any written copy in a safe place.

My own machines both here and the two I use at the studio have had the same passwords for about six years - the passwords remaining the same with each change of machine and are the same on each machine.


  LastChip 17:01 11 Jul 04

Remembering passwords is a very real problem.

They are supposed to be at least six characters long and complex (capitals and signs mixed in). Who can seriously remember that?

I did read a good tip a while back though. Choose a password you can easily remember. Then use the key to the left or right of the appropriate letter, to establish the password. So for example, if you choose PCAdvisor as your password, using letters to the right, it becomes;


Hardly something that could be easily cracked!

  VoG II 17:03 11 Jul 04

Yep, I also use the same password for virtually everything. However, I believe that it is pretty well "unguessable".

The exception is a W2K machine that I use occasionally at a client's office - that forces me to change my password every couple of months. However, the username they've given me is so unmemorable that I have to carry it around with me!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 11 Jul 04

I use the same password for everything on my home computers.


  Mikè 21:04 11 Jul 04

Paswords, nothing much of interest on home computers is there?

  Mikè 21:06 11 Jul 04

In my attempt to be humorous, I forgot how to spell...

  james55 21:40 11 Jul 04

I also keep the same password because of laziness I suppose, the only exception I change it for my firewall.

Only kidding Gandalf <|:-)>


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