Parents no longer required to look after their kid

  carver 08:27 29 Oct 09

I've just been reading this and I must be in the minority, either that or I am a person who according to this lot can not be trusted click here

When my children were younger I used to enjoy taking them to places such as this and staying and watching them. This is half the fun of having kids, you might not be able to join in but you can still get the enjoyment from watching.

Apart from that why should I or any body have to give responsibility of their child over to some one else that you don't know.

  Chegs ®™ 09:20 29 Oct 09

It would seem that Parents are only interested in their children on a part-time basis in the modern british society,this is why such places exist.As was pointed out on a recent TV series,in the 70's Parents spent over an hour playing with their children & this time is now just 25 minutes.The more children are "segregated" from their Parents,the more likely the incident of unruly behaviour from children as children believe they are immune from punishments from the CRB checked,rules & regulations imposed carers that look after them in these places.Whatever happened to the "latch-key" children of the past?

  ol blueeyes 10:47 30 Oct 09

Well Chaps I agree with you completely we are gradually handing over everything to Faceless Wonders. Lets get back to the ""Good old Days"" when Mum & Dad taught their children properly. Also lets get women back in the home looking after their Husbands and Children. When I was brought up 1 of 4 Children Mum was at Home and not one of us ever got into trouble.
How many times have we all heard """"They haven't got anything to do round here"""". Well during the war when i was brought up we had even less but there was NO bother on the Streets (apart from falling Bombs) Even the themn Criminals we as I call them "Proper Criminals" they only faught amongst themselves. They did not beat up Old Ladies.

Good behaviour from small children starts in the Home, so lets bring back the """Good Old Days"""

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:52 30 Oct 09

You must have paid a lot of money for your rose-tinted specs.


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