Pantomime breaks Geneva Convention!

  Al94 16:08 07 Jan 11

click here - seems an over reaction from the British Red Cross.

  Quickbeam 16:18 07 Jan 11

What does St George have to say about it?

  PalaeoBill 16:58 07 Jan 11

I wondered why so many fancy dress nurse costumes have the colours reversed (white on a red background). Now I know.

  jakimo 16:59 07 Jan 11

Shouldn't that be St Andrew

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:23 07 Jan 11

'The emblem is a special sign of neutrality and protection recognised by all sides during armed conflicts'..the supreme irony that the original wearers slaughtered hundreds of thousands of 'infidels', has not passed me.


  rawprawn 17:31 07 Jan 11

Oh dear, I'm sure no offence, or infringement was intended.
Don't we carry this so called "correctness" too far?
Children accept pantomimes for what they are, not what they represent.

  spuds 17:35 07 Jan 11

I wonder what Jim Davidson's comment was?.

  BT 17:43 07 Jan 11
  morddwyd 17:49 07 Jan 11

Until the law was changed in 1957 the red cross (note the small letters!) was widely used to indicate pharmacies, first aid kits, hospital direction signs, first aider and all manner of first aid related materials.

I don't recall there ever being any confusion between it and the official humanitarian body.

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