rickf 12:43 27 Feb 13

I am flummoxed as to how to paint the wall adjacent to the stair case. How do I reach the top bits without risk of killing myself. ie there is no way I can place the ladder on the stairs steps securely.

  Woolwell 12:45 27 Feb 13

A stair ladder would do it.

  wiz-king 12:48 27 Feb 13

Long ladder from floor to ceiling, adjust to size, something heavy at the base to stop it slipping as it will not be at the 1:4 angle.

  namtas 12:50 27 Feb 13

Not the safest way but the most practical without spending a lot of money

Place a ladder on the stairs resting on the vertical wall and then use scaffold boards supported level on the ladder rungs and the stair tread

Fasten the scaffold board to the rungs securely.

Remember to check your insurance policy before you venture forth.

  rickf 12:58 27 Feb 13

Silly me!! I had an image of the stair ladder in my mind but did not realise it exists. Going to oder one soon. Thanks all. As always very helpful. Should have googled first.

  wee eddie 13:01 27 Feb 13

Probably cheaper to Hire one

  Forum Editor 13:49 27 Feb 13

You can usually reach all parts of a stairwell with two ladder placings.

First, sit the ladder on one of the steps and rest the top of it onto the back wall of the stairwell - the one over the downward of the steps. It's a question of placing the ladder on the correct step to get the angle right. Wrap towels or cloths around the top of the ladder to prevent damage to the wall.

Secondly, place a smaller ladder (or the same ladder retracted to a shorter length) so that it rests on the top of the winder steps with the top on the stairwell flank wall.

In this way you should find that with care you can reach the whole of the stairwell, including the ceiling. If you find you're stretching a bit too much use a small 4" foam roller on a long handle.

  Bing.alau 14:03 27 Feb 13

I was going to suggest a long handled roller, but in practice you need to get up there to do the finicky bits. I don't have these problems these days but if I did I would get a proper man in. (I love that expression "Get a proper man in")...

  wiz-king 14:18 27 Feb 13


"Get a proper man in" you mean a skilled opperative. grin

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:22 27 Feb 13

On the other hand.....

Do as we did, move into a bungalow!

  Forum Editor 17:06 27 Feb 13

Mr Mistoffelees

I lived in a bungalow in the Far East that had more stairs than my house does! The word 'bungalow' means slightly different things in different parts of the world.

I wouldn't mind living in one now, if it was big enough; it would probably cost a lot less to heat in the winter.

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