Over reaction

  oresome 20:36 10 Mar 11

or a sensible precaution?

Police are spending £2 million pounds protecting the LibDem conference in Sheffield this weekend.

  peter99co 20:45 10 Mar 11

It is costing the taxpayer £2m in overtime and special payments probably. It is no wonder the police are having to make cuts.

There would be a lot of complaints if they did not provide cover though.

I think you are asking if it is worth it though?

What is the overtime rate for a policeman these days with it being a weekend event?

  Quickbeam 20:57 10 Mar 11

They interviewed the superintendent that's in control of this operation on our local news, he said "when the Lib-dems originally made the booking, no one in a million years expected them to have a controversial conference".

How true...

  AndroidJunkie 21:15 10 Mar 11

at least £30 an hour

  Aitchbee 21:26 10 Mar 11

Just look it up in Big Dic.

  Aitchbee 21:29 10 Mar 11

Said the same about people's pensions today.

  interzone55 22:08 10 Mar 11

It cost £300k to police the EDL demonstration in Rochdale at the weekend so £2m for a whole weekend conference is probably about right...

  spuds 22:48 10 Mar 11

And there's me thinking that there is a recession on.

I wonder if any of the police officer's attending will mention the proposed police cuts, most forces are now considering?.

  Forum Editor 23:05 10 Mar 11

that there is a recession on."

I'm struggling to see the connection between a recession and the need to adequately police a political party's conference.

The risk assessment would have involved the Police, and presumably their opinion was that this level of Police presence is necessary.

  spuds 08:50 11 Mar 11

I think that you may well find, that some police forces struggle to get payment from some football clubs, and it as been known, that legal proceeding have been threatened in the past, and may well in the future.

Some football clubs are in dire straights financially, but their surface appearance doesn't appear to represent that?.

  oresome 08:53 11 Mar 11

I suppose if the event passes without incident, the police will claim the operation was a success in detering any unrest.

Equally, if there is trouble, the police are vindicated in having the resource available to manage it.

Assuming that the police will have to work within a budget, certainly in the future, I wonder what will give?

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