our road pot holes are nothing on this one

  sunnystaines 10:24 02 Jun 10

click here

Now this is a real pot hole nothing like the ones we get here. It will take some filling.

  Quickbeam 10:38 02 Jun 10

That's surreal, it looks like a Hollywood sci-fi bottomless hole set.

  jack 10:44 02 Jun 10

Like an old mine shaft that had not been back filled properly.
On the subject of pot holes
I was sent a U-tube where huge potholes were in road in Canada I believe - which slowed the
Later shots showed guys coming along to 'roll them up' to move elsewhere.
They were large artworks on the theme of the artist we all must have seen with weird perspective works.
Much better than speed hums that wreck tyres and springs

  jakimo 11:35 02 Jun 10

Come on fourm member say it:-, just more Mail propaganda claiming that Guatemala City don't repair its potholes

  morddwyd 20:02 02 Jun 10

Amazing, particularly the fact that it's almost a perfect circle.

  sunnystaines 20:07 02 Jun 10

ideal for fly tipping and dupper trucks looking for a free dump.

  cycoze 21:23 02 Jun 10

I can remember a Double Decker half swallowed down a collapsed chalk mine in Norwich years ago, nothing on this sink hole though.

  wiz-king 21:43 02 Jun 10

The police are looking into it?

  ronalddonald 22:16 02 Jun 10

Hey Jack how can you tell if its manmade if you aint over ther to have a good look at it.

Could be a very very old mine shaft yet we dont really know do we.

  jack 20:17 03 Jun 10

Could be a very very old mine shaft yet we dont really know do we.

No we do not know from sitting in front of this computer
But if it is an old mine shaft - it was man made.
I have a notion as good as nature is - she does not get things that round.

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