For our pet lovers

  Bingalau 09:23 17 May 07

I think KateB. might like this site...
click here ..Bingalau..

  Kate B 09:24 17 May 07

Haven't got time to look at those properly now but I will enjoy them later. Thankks, Brigadier!

  MichelleC 09:32 17 May 07

You can't compete with a mouthful of needles AND 20 razors when you've only got a mouthful of teeth and a bark.

  Bingalau 09:45 17 May 07

Kate B. Blimey you must be busy!

  Bingalau 09:47 17 May 07

Kate B. Never quite made the rank of Brigadier. Maybe I should have joined a different Corps.

  Kate B 12:01 17 May 07

Bingalau *slaps forehead* I am sorry, I was in a hurry.

  Colin 12:23 17 May 07

The third video surprised me. Why stick a video camera in front of a cat who's obviously terified? Where's the entertainment in that? I picked up what appear to be American accents in the background of most of the videos so that probably explains it.

  Colin 13:04 17 May 07

I'm always happy to give the benefit of the doubt!

  Bingalau 13:09 17 May 07

I am pretty sure it is an American site, it came with an American newsletter. I'm not really into animals myself, although no way would I harm one. But I know that there are a few animal lovers in these forums and thought they may like to explore the site.

  singalong 15:13 17 May 07

Bingalau, I am a great animal lover and found the videos exceedingly tasteless. I don't wish to be rude, but you can tell you are not an animal lover, thinking the videos were amusing in the first place. How about letting us (genuine animal lovers) decide what we like and dislike. Also, I never thought in a million years that you would hurt something you don't like, what a strange thing to say.

  postie24 18:28 17 May 07

Enjoyed the videos,some of them,very funny,not sure what singalong is getting all worked up about.I love animals,ok the 3rd video wasnt ammusing,but the rest were.
I reckon Kate B will let us know what she thinks.


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