Oscars BBC coverage

  DANZIG 09:00 25 Feb 08

Just watching coverage of the people going to Elton John's 'bash' after the Oscars.

I've just realised that Trinny and Susannah are without a doubt the two most annoying people on the face of the planet.

Anyone else agree?

I also find Russell Brand buttock clenchingly awful as well.

  interzone55 09:10 25 Feb 08

Fiona Philips (GMTV) is far more annoying that Trinny, Susannah or Russell Brand.

Having said that, Russell Brand is extremely annoying most of the time, but he was very funny on Jimmy Carr's Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Whereas Lily Allen, who is normally quite tolerable, was just embarrassing on that program...

  interzone55 09:13 25 Feb 08

On a side note, does US TV have as much blanket coverage of the BAFTAs?

And lastly...

I'm longing for some actress to answer "Primark" when one of the sycophantic interviewers asks "Who are you wearing?"

  tullie 09:24 25 Feb 08

Dident realise that anyone watched rubbish like that

  dagbladet 10:35 25 Feb 08

Millions watch it.

  Forum Editor 18:35 25 Feb 08

incredibly boring. It's an event staged by the industry for the industry, and the sycophancy makes me heave - but then I'm not in the film business.

  Legolas 20:16 25 Feb 08

Agree FE I'd rather have my eyes poked out with red hot needles than watch this. The whole insincerity of the thing is sickening.

  bluto1 23:02 25 Feb 08

I would'nt have watched it unless a gun was pointed at me. I find most American programmes a bit nauseating. I'm surprised that on the number of times I was there that I found PEOPLE there. They must, quite obviously, think as we do.

  Stuartli 23:23 25 Feb 08

>>Millions watch it>>

Using the same logic, billions (many billions in fact) don't - including me.

  al7478 02:24 26 Feb 08

ive often wondered why dsliking something/one intensely forces one to clench one's buttocks. Not sure ill ever get to the...er...well...im sure you get my point.

  Stuartli 07:50 26 Feb 08

Frankly no.

It comes across as a completely inane remark with no relevance to the topic.

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