Origin of News

  buteman 22 May 12

Another daft one probably.

Switched on the news this morning and looking at the word News, I automatically thought of North.East.West and South and then thought is that where the original word news came from.

Going back thousands of years I suppose everyone was interested in all news but would everyone have known about North East West and South.

A bit like what came firs the Chicken or the Egg.

All I can say in my defense is that I must have been really bored this morning.

AitchBEE sorry if I beat you to this one.

Anyone know the answer in case it stops me from getting to sleep tonight.

  Al94 22 May 12
  buteman 22 May 12


Wow that was quick,maybe I should have tried Googling first.

I assumed that they were different but nice to get the facts.

I am almost sure that we used to get news either from the Radio or TV that said it was coming from the The North East South and West. But maybe I am just imagining it.Anyone remember that one or was it just me as usual.

  Quickbeam 22 May 12

It's news as long as it's newer than yesterday's news.

  buteman 22 May 12


Yes nothing to do with the compass points as it works out.So looks like my question has been answered so will put this one to sleep now.

Wonder what I will think of next.

  spuds 22 May 12

"Wonder what I will think of next"

The mind is a very powerful object, there's sure to be something coming along soon :O)

  Aitchbee 22 May 12

"Wonder what I will think of next"? Buteman, think of nothing, if you've got the time, and then report back here...pronto...to tell us all about it ;o)


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