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  mart7 18:13 19 Dec 13

Those of you that may be interested may have seen Arkrights corner shop is back to our screens on boxing day.Granville(David Jason) is now the owner some 28yrs after the last episode was originally shown,i cannot wait for this timely classic in hope it will capture the essence of Ronnie barker

  rdave13 18:31 19 Dec 13

I find that, usually, resurrections of great classic shows turn out to be a flop as expectations are high. With David Jason, though, this might be an exception and I hope so.

  Aitchbee 18:49 19 Dec 13

Thanks for the timely 'heads up', mart7 ... I will be 'able and willing' to watch it. DJ is a superb performer.

  mart7 20:02 19 Dec 13

I have read nurse gladys and a few of the shops original customers will make appearances,should spice it up a little

  bumpkin 20:12 19 Dec 13

Hello mart7, it is a job to know where to post this, here or spuds thread or brumas's. I met Ronnie Barker in a junk shop in Ickenham. I was just having a browse myself. A pleasant enough man and when I asked him what he was looking for he told me old postcards as he collected them.

  Brumas 22:28 19 Dec 13

bumpkin ,Ronnie Barker has wrote at least 7, to my knowledge, books about postcards. Fran has them all and tells me they useful, very interesting, risque but at the same time tasteful!

I have just had a quick perusal of a couple, purely for research purposes and must admit he did have taste ;o}]

  pavvi 22:33 19 Dec 13


You missed a trick there - you should have said you were looking for Fork handles:

click here


  woodchip 23:27 19 Dec 13

pavvi that's the one, that came to my mind. it can not be brought back, the past is past

  bumpkin 23:28 19 Dec 13

pavvi, have a look here if the link works AKA Ossie click here

  bumpkin 23:30 19 Dec 13

edit Ozzie not Ossie

  bumpkin 23:35 19 Dec 13

I tried to joke with him but he said billhooks or something similar.

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