Oooops that's torn IT for a lot of peoples

  wiz-king 13:20 06 Feb 13

Anti-virus update problems for XP users

  muddypaws 16:03 06 Feb 13

Well it didn't affect my XP at all. Perhaps it was overnight. Link doesn't state when it occurred.

Link to twitter says it was yesterday.

  Phil Ocifer 10:58 07 Feb 13

LoL - Catch 22 :)

  Forum Editor 11:20 07 Feb 13

**"Kaspersky told its customers: Please disable the web AV component of your protection policy for your managed computers. It then told them to go the repositories section, download an update and re-enable the protection."**

Those would be the customers who couldn't connect to the web to get the update.

I wonder how the company contacted its customers. Presumably it was by email.

  Aitchbee 18:35 08 Feb 13

I find it so infuriating when my Norton security update involves [typically] a 100mb download every couple of months or so, 'cos it 'eats up' my monthly 1GB allowance ... about £1, in monetary terms.

  SillBill 18:43 08 Feb 13


I couldn't live with a 1GB allowance, I dumped my 40 GB in favour of unlimited, sadly I find that some months I don't even reach 40GB!

  rdave13 18:45 08 Feb 13

Aitchbee , do you think you need Norton?

  Aitchbee 18:52 08 Feb 13

rdave13 .... it came free with the beta testing forum, last year, but is probably more [security] than I need. It's was worth-while using it, though.

  SillBill 18:54 08 Feb 13


NOBODY needs Norton, and no one who has ever tried to uninstall it will agree!

  SillBill 18:56 08 Feb 13

actually that "no one" should read "anyone" lol!

  woodchip 19:09 08 Feb 13

that says a lot, why me along with a lot stick to free avast


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