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  Indigo 1 06:22 14 May 05

I couldn't sleep and came across this fiendishly difficult game and decided to share it click here

It seems so simple at first glance. My first attempt I was left with 2 but can't do it again.

  CurlyWhirly 07:19 14 May 05

Not a bad game and despite trying I can only get down to 2 :0(

  Indigo 1 09:47 14 May 05

I struggled for a couple of hours and decided that it couldn't be done.

My girlfriend completed it in about 20 mins !

  Pooke100 10:25 14 May 05

About 15 tries it took me, my fiancee asked how do ya do it? Could I do it again, nope!

  Kate B 15:23 14 May 05

best I can do is three left ...*gnash*

  Bob The Nob© 11:20 16 May 05

An ARG is Alternative Reality Game. (click here) and its very addictive. They are both fiction and reality but the downer is that it is advertising some thing. Try it!!


Try Experimental Game Play (click here), its a group of students that have to create a mini game in a week on their own!

  Cal 18:58 16 May 05

Sorry for sounding like a complete sad case but once I started this I was on a mission to come up with a solution.

It took me about a dozen games to get 1 ball remaining but about a further 20 to finally write down a solution.

If you number the squares like a chess board i.e. letter the columns A to H and the rows 1 to 5 it is easier to remember your moves.

I think this works: C3-E1, A5-C3, B2-B4, B4-D2, E1-C3, D1-B3, A4-C2, B1-D1, D1-B3, A2-A4, C3-A3, A4-A2, A1-A3.


  Indigo 1 21:38 16 May 05

Yep that's one way of doing it but it was different to the way my girlfriend did it, she ended up with the last one on D4. So there is more than one way to complete it.

  Cal 23:24 16 May 05

Shudder to think that there is more than one way of doing this.

I'm pratically brain dead from working out my solution.

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