The oneshow hosts- what do you think?

  jack 10:40 25 Jul 10

Fuirum members post re CH5 lead to a link for the 'Star' and Gary Bushnell.
As a side story is a piece suggesting that Baby Spice would replace Bleakley.

In earlier discussion on the 'One Show' and speculation of future hosts I suggested the then 'stand in' couple of Matt Baker and Louise Minchin seemed the perfect pair.
Did some one at the Beeb read my mind?
Because the post Footy relaunch gave us MB & LM
just right.

What do you all think?

  Quickbeam 11:01 25 Jul 10

What do I think? I don't, it not a programme for thinking during.

In this age of ultra light spreads, ultra light drinks, ultra light meals, The One Show is also ultra light in substance...;)

  jack 11:40 25 Jul 10

Originally, it was announced that Manford would start 'in July' but Matt Baker is on the schedule all this week. Maybe they are waiting to find the female co-presenter and then they'll 'launch' Manford and X together

That'll a shame- LM does a good job with other daytime show it seems- those I have stumbled upon this is.
Quckbeam- don't disagree with your opinion
but then if you don't watch the show - hardly in a position to respond to the original question are you.

  Quickbeam 11:46 25 Jul 10

I catch it sometimes, and sometimes there is a subject of interest... light interest... sometimes.

It's bubblegum TV to me.

  karmgord 12:50 25 Jul 10

Sometimes a shows success is down to the chemistry between the presenters,I think this might be the case with the One Show.
As others have pointed out it's hardly News Night,so new presenters might be able to reproduce the chemistry.
Light entertainment in every sense of the word.

  Kevscar1 17:33 25 Jul 10

Never heard of the show or the presenters you mentioned so don't care

  ams4127 19:26 25 Jul 10

Watched it once. Won't do so again.

  karmgord 21:14 25 Jul 10

I know Jim Royle and his family watch it ...........

  Quickbeam 09:27 26 Jul 10

"she co-hosted a chat show with former Wales rugby player Jonathan Davies"
She'll not be used to saying too much then...

  daytimers82 09:57 26 Jul 10

sorry mateys dont like the show and i dont like the presenters the bbc has broken to many promises.

  jack 16:48 26 Jul 10

No change there then.

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