'One in ten under 10s owns an iPhone' says Westcoastcloud. What do you think?

  PC Advisor 17:23 22 Sep 11
  Blackhat 17:50 22 Sep 11

I am not surprised by the report but what I would like to see is a child phone. Something for safety and security, useable by any child of any age.

A mobile that can take calls but only dial out to numbers programmed in by the parents or guardians using a pass code.

This way you could control the use of the phone and always have the reassurance of contact at any time. The report says that 68% of parents bought their kids phones to keep tabs on them, bearing in mind the cost of phones a dedicated child phone would be far cheaper and more accessible to low income families.

Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years and mobiles are as common as watches so let the kids have them but for the right reasons.

Link to report

  wiz-king 19:18 22 Sep 11

I know one 11 year old who has lost a blackberry, an Iphone and a laptop all in the last 3 months. And, her single mum has bought replacements!

  interzone55 21:27 22 Sep 11


I know a 22 year old who's lost 5 iPhones so far, he keeps replacing them and still hasn't chosen to insure the phone.

With regards to the original post, I'm not sure how the extrapolate 1 in 10 children under 10 have an iPhone from the data.

by the way, there's no option on the poll for "some people have more money than sense"

  bremner 21:47 22 Sep 11

The BBC piece says it is one in ten own an iPhone or Android Smartphone BBC Report

  spuds 00:38 23 Sep 11

The kids around my neck of the woods, seem to convince their parents that they must have the latest in-crowd gadgets. So the one in ten might be an under estimate?.

  anskyber 08:13 23 Sep 11

Strange how parents balance competing interests.

During my working days every (and I mean every) planning proposal for a mobile phone mast within several hundred yards of a school or public building was resisted with venom by angry parents worried about the effects of radiation on their children. All this as they metaphorically marched the same children down to the shop to buy them a phone "for security".

It's part of the same schizophrenia that their dear ones could not possibly have a £5 Nokia or whatever "for security" when phones of several hundred pounds more have street cred, Peer group pressure and having non wingeing kids is the easy opt out.

  Strawballs 10:24 23 Sep 11

I think they should get a better phone!

  johndrew 11:01 23 Sep 11

Perhaps all children should be fitted with a transponder. That way a parent could go online, punch in a code and get an instant location on Google Earth!!

Might well ease the current cost of 'phones to parents, reduce playground bullying videos and improve the spelling within the younger population. It may also provide a partial solution to truancy!! :-))

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