One driver you may wish to avoid!

  TopCat® 21:02 05 Jan 09

For all you golfers, that is.

A new generation of thin-faced titanium drivers is suspected of causing hearing loss because of the high decibel sonic boom generated on impact with the ball. click here TC.

  al's left peg 21:09 05 Jan 09

Would never affect me TopCat, I shank every shot off the tee!! My choice language was the only thing that would create a decibel problem when I was on the course.
I stopped playing 2 years ago, I could not afford to keep buying dolf balls!!!!

  octal 21:12 05 Jan 09

For goodness sake, if you don't get struck by lightning then you go deaf instead, not much going for the poor old golfer is there?

  Bapou 22:43 05 Jan 09

First it was the school bell, now golf clubs. What's next? The dawn chorus!

  TopCat® 22:51 05 Jan 09

I heard that - pardon? :o) TC.

  ronalddonald 23:38 05 Jan 09

sorry, can you repeat that please iv'e gone stone deaf. What was that? I have to loo for the mega phone to hear you and where's me earing aid anyone seen it.

  dagnammit 12:26 07 Jan 09


"First it was the school bell, now golf clubs. What's next? The dawn chorus!"

I remember being told to line up in the Corridor... I didn't realise that a. The bell was going to ring for the Seniors and B. I was standing right under it.

I had noise & pain in my ears for a few days after that and the entire way through my school life I wouldn't stand near one again.

I suffer from Tinnitus now and that is the earliest memory I have about having sore ears....!

  Stuartli 15:04 07 Jan 09

One thing that surprised me with regard to the huge number three drivers so many golfers now seem to have, is that the head is hollow.

If it was solid, think how far the ball really would travel....:-)

  shellship 17:05 07 Jan 09

Oh Stuartli! You must be strong to wield a solid lump of iron (or titanium) on the end of a stick!

  canarieslover 17:29 07 Jan 09

If a trampoline was solid would I bounce higher???

  Stuartli 19:21 07 Jan 09

>>If a trampoline was solid would I bounce higher???>>

Not directly related, although I appreciate your apparent logic...:-)

However, see how far, for instance, you can hit a cricket ball with a light bat compared to a much larger and heavier one...:-)

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