Once we have clicked "close" on the Canon

  pj123 16:12 13 Dec 05

Popup ad can it remain closed please.

When it pops up I click on Close but it pops up again about 5 minutes later.

  Chegs ®™ 16:39 13 Dec 05
  Forum Editor 08:00 14 Dec 05

It's just doing its job. Bear in mind that although you might find it a little irritating it has a limited life-span, and will be gone soon.

  p;3 10:23 14 Dec 05

try a simple "page refresh" and see what that does for you:)

  Pidder 14:45 14 Dec 05

Don't mind ads except this one is on top of thread headings, could be positioned more conveniently...

  pj123 16:15 14 Dec 05

FE I don't mind the Ads at all, otherwise I assume this site wouldn't be in existence. But as Pidder says this one seems to be more intrusive than others.

  Totally-braindead 21:00 14 Dec 05

FE I realise and appreciate that this website is free mainly due to the advertising but I too find this pop up rather intrusive. I also appreciate that this is as you say a time limited thing but have the flood gates been opened? This is my concern. Will this be happening for evermore albeit with different adverts? Are there going to be more of them or is this a one off?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:04 14 Dec 05

Think 'paying subscriptions' and the pop-ups seem less of a 'burden'. Using Avant browser I only get the Canon one on the odd occasion. Better still try clicking on them to help the site as it is better than £1/minute helplines.


  SG Atlantis® 21:22 14 Dec 05

I only get it once in a while, in fact haven't had it all day. Using just IE.

I'm with Gandalf on this one.

  pj123 11:26 16 Dec 05

Haven't seen the Canon ad for a while now, possibly ended its run?


  wolfie3000 01:17 19 Dec 05

canon advert is still here but as you say they pay for the forum so from now on i will click on them if it helps out paying for the forum.
It can be annoying but i would rather click on the X than pay to register on the site.

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