Olympic Opening Ceremony - Amazing Photo

  Yimbo 23:50 06 Aug 12

Well, I've never seen a photograph like this one!!


  birdface 07:54 07 Aug 12


It will not open for me using I/E or Firefox.

  Nontek 08:12 07 Aug 12

The photo opens fine for me, using Win7 Firefox.


  Al94 08:48 07 Aug 12

Doesn't work for me IE9

  OTT_B 08:48 07 Aug 12

Considering it's live event, the photo's pretty good. Quite why anyone would publicly Facebook tag themselves on the picture is quite a different matter.

  birdface 09:01 07 Aug 12

Well it opens now it was just the top half that opened for me earlier.

  Condom 15:21 09 Aug 12

It opened fine for me in Win 7 Firefox and the detail is amazing. What was more surprising to me was the many hundreds of empty seats I was able to see going round the arena. It looked very full but certainly was not even allowing for some to be at the toilet.

  interzone55 16:00 09 Aug 12


The photo is a composite of 425 photos taken over an hour, during the athletes parade. I think a good number of people may well have left during the tedium of this part of the event.

  Aitchbee 16:05 09 Aug 12

Why are all the spectatators near that big bell wearing ear-muffs? (bottom RH corner)...great photo.

  Aitchbee 16:18 09 Aug 12

...where did that echo come from...from...from?

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