Olympic Lanes

  ulrich 20:05 11 Dec 08

Not being a Londoner and not working in London. I don't understand where the Olympic only lanes will be as London seems to be one traffic jam as it is. If you stray into them big fines. Boris agrees with them, but I think he is using his head for once and not commenting his true thoughts.

  Grey Goo 21:47 11 Dec 08

Pity they could not use the Underground, I suppose it would be too disruptive to lay on special trains.

  Forum Editor 23:37 11 Dec 08

They need to move from village to venue as rapidly as possible, and as safely as possible. I'm prepared to allow them some form of segregation as far as travel is concerned.

What really gets up my nose is the thought of officials travelling in special lanes. I see absolutely no reason why they shouldn't mingle with the rest of us in the traffic, on the buses, or under the ground.

There will be considerable resentment from Londoners, and this Londoner will be as resentful as a resenter from Resentment-on-sea. The traffic in London is bad enough as it is, without a lot of uniformed race starters and throw measurers swishing past me in courtesy cars as I sit fuming in the Mile end road, or wherever.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:25 12 Dec 08

£5000 fine...you are having a laugh if this is true. I am sure that the world has finally gone mad grey Goo's idea of using the underground for officials and athletes is spot on This is not terribly good PR when Coe and his idealistic, wide-eyed troops need all the help they can get.
So, anyone care to explain why the gormless, snout in the trough officials could not use the tube or the athletes as well...if it is good enough for me it is good enough for them and I seem to recall that there appears to be no traffic jams and a regular, fast service. It would save a lot of forelock tugging from us plebs as the officials glide past in their new cars supplied for the 16 days of the Games and 12 days of the paralympics. One has to ask what will happen to the cars after their long service (assuming that the car industry is in pukka shape)


  ulrich 08:50 12 Dec 08

The officials stopping at hotels near their venues or do they all have to stop at the Ritz?

  sunnystaines 10:53 12 Dec 08

they should have thought about these problems before bidding.

i thought they were going to improve public transport services for the olympics has this been shelved for a new cheaper option.

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