Olympic First Class Stamps

  Quickbeam 02 Aug 12

Gold medal stamps honour Team GB 2012 Olympics winners

I think that that is absolutely the most fantastic gesture of national recognition that we have ever granted to successful Olympic competitors!

What more can one say?

  Forum Editor 02 Aug 12

The gold postboxes are a great idea, and of course the medallists and their families will be delighted with the stamps.

The cynic in me can't get away from the idea that the stamps will make a useful addition to the Post Office's revenue stream. They seem to issue new stamps at an alarming rate; it wouldn't surprise me to see a new stamp commemorating my postman's retirement.

  Bing.alau 04 Aug 12

Then again maybe the footballers (male and female) realised they wouldn't fit on a stamp, so they didn't try all that hard.

  Quickbeam 04 Aug 12

Team GB football can't do penalty shootouts either!

  Quickbeam 05 Aug 12

And they're even issuing stamps on a Sunday for the first time ever today. I can't imagine that they thought they would need to be printing everyday and for so many different gold winners so far.

  SimpleSimon1 05 Aug 12

According to my mother-in-law, there's been 'murder & mutiny' in Penzance cause they ran out of Helen Glover stamps Helen Glover gold medal stamp shortage upsets Penzance locals

Gawd knows what they'll do if Ben Ainslie wins, as well, today

  Quickbeam 05 Aug 12

Post offices will be besieged by mothers and aunts and grandmas of the winners to make sure they get the first day issue now that you've started a panic SimpleSimon1...

  SimpleSimon1 05 Aug 12

Hmm, maybe I can get 10% commission from the post office for all the extra sales coming their way?

  Strawballs 05 Aug 12

They are going to be busy 15 Golds and counting!

  Quickbeam 06 Aug 12

The latest from the Athletes village is that they are buying the stamps and getting them autographed by the relevant gold medalists while they're all in one place.

This will make a full collection of autographed stamps a real prize for the athletes.

Again you read it here first:)

  Quickbeam 10 Aug 12

Jade Jones has just told Bill Turnbull that she can't wait to get back to Flint to see her gold postbox!


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