Olympic challenge for Air traffic controllers

  Forum Editor 22 Apr 12

According to the BBC 'Around 700 extra airliners and more than 3,000 executive jets are expected to fly in and out of airports in the South East for three weeks before, during and after the Olympics.'

That's a lot of extra traffic in an area which is already operating at near its upper limit where take-offs and landings are concerned.

The big worry (apart from the obvious one) is that private aircraft will stray into the temporarily expanded controlled air space, and give RAF response pilots a real challenge in terms of 'is it or isn't it?' when trying to decide about terrorist threats. Kevin and his wife, out for a quick spin in the Cessna, might be in for a nasty shock as a couple of Typhoons come bucketing towards them at low altitude.

Hey ho, we live in interesting times.

  Strawballs 22 Apr 12

I think it would be change of underwear time for Kevin and his wife!

  morddwyd 22 Apr 12

Perhaps the glaziers are looking forward to it (sonic bangs, as per last week, are hell on greenhouses!).

  spuds 22 Apr 12

For that sought of experience, try flying between South America and the Caribbean over Cuban airspace. Nothing like waving to the suddenly appearing and very close MIG fighter pilots, who are waving back, who then disappear as fast as they arrived.

I often wondered what would happen, if one of these pilot's had a dizzy spell or pure hatred for foreigner's?.

  Aitchbee 22 Apr 12

Alleviation of the potential London Olympics Air Traffic Jam would be achieved by temporarily diverting aircraft to other nearby airports.

  dagbladet 22 Apr 12

Brilliant. They won't have thought of that.

  Forum Editor 22 Apr 12

And which airports might they be?

  Aitchbee 22 Apr 12

Glasgow, Paris, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, take your pick.

  wiz-king 22 Apr 12

The smaller airfields round London that cater for private hire and have flying clubs will have the flying severely curtailed by the games.


  muddypaws 22 Apr 12

A couple of links of possible interest here:

enter link description here

enter link description here

  muddypaws 22 Apr 12

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