OK , how fat are you?

  anskyber 21:22 31 Aug 06

We are an obese nation, so we are told. How do you size up? click here Are you just a couch potato and is is reasonable for the NHS to pay for the health implications of the overweight? Is the education system focusing on academic achievement ahead of the nations health?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:44 31 Aug 06

I run 7 miles, 3 times a week and according to the chart I am a porker. I despair at refusing all the cream buns and pies.


  STREETWORK 21:46 31 Aug 06

My partner is a nurse, a lady came in complaining of stomach pains, she was 22 stone in weight and could hardly walk. 20mins later and to everyones surprise she had a baby weighing in at 8lb 2oz.

  VoG II 21:48 31 Aug 06

Too difficult. What is square and how do you know if you are?

  STREETWORK 21:48 31 Aug 06

5' 11' and 13 stone of rippling muscle and I am 'overweight'

  ade.h 21:49 31 Aug 06

I think that it's an over-simplistic system, as it fails to account for variances in bone and muscle structure. Body fat percentage, BP and resting heart rate are of more interest.

  anskyber 21:54 31 Aug 06

My BP is 135/85 (with drugs....no not those drugs)

My resting heart rate is 42, Body fat percentage is......well secret.

  wiz-king 22:06 31 Aug 06

Over weight - same weight as when I left school forty years ago, I walk to work - don't have a car - don't eat junk food, and have almost the same blood pressure as as when I left school. Saw a new doctor a couple of years ago and he said 'do more exercise' I walk (fast) about 10 miles a day, ride my horse for an hour most days wear the same size clothes as forty years ago and I am still overweight! At least I am consistently over weight.

  bluto1 22:24 31 Aug 06

Some medics are still using the BMI system
to determine our obesity or otherwise. It probably works for the younger (?) person but
the WHI is better for the older person.
(Waist/Hips Index) A man measures his waist at navel level, his hips at hipbone level and divides hips into waist. If the result is 1.0 or less he is considered OK. If over 1.0 he should lose weight. I`m not sure about ladies as their figures differ from ours.

  €dstowe 22:27 31 Aug 06

One very important consideration that is seldom made in these obesity scaremongering crusades is the size of the skeleton upon which all of this flesh and fat (excess or otherwise) is distributed.

It's no use just considering height. The width and depth of the bones vary just as much as height does and not necessarily in the same proportions.

I'm six foot one and weigh eleven stone eleven. I'm quite skinny because I have a large skeleton (big boned if you like) although, according to the issued BMI charts, my weight is just about ideal.

  €dstowe 22:32 31 Aug 06

While we're on health issues, Lloyds Pharmacy are selling automatic electronic blood pressure monitors for £9.99. This is an enormous reduction on the norml price of these devices so, if you're concerned about you blood pressure (everyone approaching 40 and those above that age should be), might be worth considering.

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