OK hands up, how many of you have £250,000 stashed away for your retirement ?

  Dragon_Heart 28 Jun 13

Will you all just stop moving ! ....... OK not that many ...... so why does PCA have an ad running for people with that amount of money in their retirement portfolio ?

OK ad revenue is ad revenue but ?

  spuds 28 Jun 13

Perhaps in response to the post title, there is an increase of people having £250.000 at their disposal, depending I would suspect on property values?.

I know a couple who own Dunelm, and are perhaps classed as £billionaires. But as they both say "It's only on paper".

  woody 28 Jun 13

I have not seen the add - but £250K is not a lot today - if that is all you have IE no house no pension only £250K cash.

  bumpkin 28 Jun 13

"that amount of money in their retirement portfolio ?"

Can't find it in my portfolio it's probably in the petty cash account:-)

  Brumas 28 Jun 13

I'd be hard pressed to lay my hands on 250,000 pence and I am already retired!

  rdave13 28 Jun 13

Where are these ads people keep seeing? Running ones at that? I'm feeling left out.

  spider9 28 Jun 13


"...so why does PCA have an ad running for people with that amount of money"

Advertisers generally have pretty good ideas where any market they wish to target is reached - thus, I think we may assume there must be a considerable number of us with that amount of available reserves, or why would the advertisers spend their money to do it?

  bumpkin 28 Jun 13

rdave13, don't feel left out, feel lucky you have a decent Ad blocker.

  rdave13 28 Jun 13

bumpkin, I don't use an ad blocker.

  Quickbeam 29 Jun 13

I've just received a letter from the DW&P informing me that my state retirement age is now 66. The extra year must be so that they can boost my pension fund up to the required £250k.

And here was me thinking that I would have to work until I popped my clogs. How lucky am I? I feel better than James Brown...


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