Oh Yes?

  morddwyd 20:31 29 Sep 09

"Good Afternoon, sir. I'm calling from your bank. We're doing a survey to see how satisfied you are with the service."

"Oh Yes"

"Now which bank are you with, sir?"

And people really fall for this stuff!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:06 29 Sep 09

And people really fall for this stuff?

Oh Yes

  tein 22:22 29 Sep 09

LOOOL well done for figuringit out!!! id of asked them which company they are calling from..& gone along with it!!

  Kevscar1 11:02 30 Sep 09

Bank of Funny Money Sort Code NO-NO-NO
Account NO 99999999

  OTT_Buzzard 11:25 30 Sep 09

I had a call on Monday from a company "doing a customer satisfaction survery about my energy supplier". Call sounded like a foreign connection, possibly India.

Caller: Are you with Brtish Gas?
Me: What's it to you?
Caller: I'm trying to finds out if you're satisfied with them
Me: Who do you work for?
Caller: I'm calling from 'i'm doing a survery'.
Me: That's nice, who do you work for?
Caller: Are you with Britsh Gas?
Me: You're going to have to do a lot better than that to get any information out of me.
Caller: I'm going to call round in five minutes!
Me: That's nice, I'll put the kettle on.

Needless to say there was never a knock at the door! What the point of the call was I don't know. It may just have been to get me to sign up to another energy supplier, it may have been a phishing call. I will never know.....hopefully!

  OTT_Buzzard 12:49 30 Sep 09

I've just had another one, this time from "the accident investigation bureau".

Think it's time to change my phone number.

  oresome 13:54 30 Sep 09

Weirdist phone call I've had following placing an add in Gumtree. (Early evening call)

I answer phone

'Hello sir, I'm John from the council.'


Noise in background of crying baby

'There's a problem with your bricks and you're going to have to move out for 3 months.'


'Yes sir. If you give me your address, we'll write to you'

'Is this a wind up?'

'No, it isn't a wind up, no sir.'

Silence on my part

'****** *******, I can tell you're going to put the phone down! I'm ****** ****** fed up of this lark. You ****** *******.

As he predicted, I put the phone down.

  hastelloy 15:52 30 Sep 09
  peter99co 16:20 30 Sep 09

How many calls were you getting to need that kind of spend?

  Chris the Ancient 17:00 30 Sep 09

I also have a trueCall and find it extremely useful.

Apart from being a good filter for spam calls, it allows me to program in 'Star' numbers who are allowed straight through. Unknown numbers will go through a filter which will either tell them leave their name, be allowed through to the answerphone or be 'zapped' and effectively barred for ever.

I bought this because I was constantly getting phone calls from a particular set of numbers that I wanted to know had called - but I didn't want to speak to. By using a 'polite zap', all these numbers ever hear is my phone ringing (and I don't) but with no answer. Setting a call barring facility through BT would have cost money - and without me knowing that the calls had been made.

So, like marvin42, I'm glad I invested that money. I no longer get annoyed by badly timed, unwanted calls; but I can tell who has called and call them back when it is convenient for me.

BTW. I have no connection with trueCall; this all started when I was fed up with unwanted calls and posted in the forum.

  BT 17:09 30 Sep 09

Chap at the front door

Him "I'm from British Gas"

Me "OK"

Him "Do you get your gas from British Gas?"

Me "If you're from British Gas you ought to know the answer to that question"


Another chap at the front door

Him "I'm from Talk Talk have you filled in your yellow form?"

Me "What yellow form?"

Him " The one that my colleague left the other day"

Me "No one left me a yellow form, why should they?"

Him "So that you get your £10 discount"

Me "That's nice, seeing as I get my phone from Virgin"

Him "But you've got a BT phone wire from the pole"

Me "So have most people in the road. BT don't come and take them away if you change to cable."

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