Oh No - I need to spend a penny.

  wiz-king 02 Feb 13

Or rather the jar full of small change sitting in the fireplace - at least half or the contents are pennies.

  interzone55 02 Feb 13

Seriously, this government is penny pinching. Saving relatively tiny amounts of money with ideas like this when there's billions to be made if they got the globocorps to cough up the taxes they should...

  SillBill 02 Feb 13

When people start to chuck them away, you know that inflation has taken its toll. At least when it has been removed from circulation we may no longer hear people talking about "one pee" or even "one pence".

  BT 02 Feb 13

"When people start to chuck them away"

We were in Lidl about a year ago and there were a couple of teens in front of us in the queue. They were given a couple of copper coins in their change and just dropped them on the floor. My wife pointed it out to them and they said they didn't want them and walked off.

Of course the Canadian cent is only worth just over half of a British penny so its much like when we abolished the half penny some years ago.

Exchange rate today $1.00 Canadian = £0.64 / £1.00 = $1.57 Canadian

  john bunyan 02 Feb 13

I have a bag of half pence that I cant bring myself to dump...

  SillBill 02 Feb 13

I can remember when a farthing was still legal tender - we would never have dreamed of chucking them away!!

  Quickbeam 02 Feb 13

I'd like to see all the ratty fivers replaced with a £5 coin.

  SillBill 02 Feb 13

Scotland still has three banks which issue their own notes, so Fivers don't tend to get as tatty as their English counterparts.

  Aitchbee 02 Feb 13

The saying ...' A penny for your thoughts ' ... will have to be adjusted accordingly ... any suggestions?

  SillBill 02 Feb 13

With galloping inflation it'll be "Half a Nicker for your thoughts" soon enough.

  bumpkin 02 Feb 13

There was a five pound coin issued which was a sensible idea, what happened to that, not had one for years.


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