Oh No

  ulrich 18:01 03 Jan 07

What is the TV coming to Celebrity BB, a daft singing competition,and another Soapstar Superstar.
The New Year starting off with a new load of nonsense. Yeah I know turn it off the trouble is I have to still pay for it.

  rodriguez 18:08 03 Jan 07

Yes it's getting worse - I take it that you're like me and not too keen on reality TV either. :-P However, a lot of people like it and it's obviously quite popular. But the thing that annoys me about BB is how you can't get away from it. It's like a bad smell. All over the papers, constantly on TV, everyone on about it... I think I'd probably enjoy it more if I didn't see it day in day out. Just do what I do - don't watch any of it and either watch something else or go to the pub instead. :-D

  mikef. 18:17 03 Jan 07

Never watched any form of Big Brother

  Kate B 18:44 03 Jan 07

It's not in all the papers by any means. You're over-reacting, rodriguez. Read the Indy or the FT: they're BB-free zones.

  ulrich 18:50 03 Jan 07

I want to watch the news for news not what some unknown has done the night before on one of the so called reality shows, or soaps.

  rodriguez 18:51 03 Jan 07

Sorry Kate, I've never really read the Independant or Financial Times. The papers I was referring to were the Sun, Star, Mirror (they'll obviously have it in there) and also my local ones the Express & Star and Black Country Mail. I shouldn't have really said all the papers as there are a few that don't include anything about BB or X Factor etc, I should have really put it "all the papers I read".

  season8 19:19 03 Jan 07

Am i missing something?
Should i start watching it??

  Forum Editor 19:26 03 Jan 07

to be able to sail through life without ever seeing or reading (much) about Big Brother - it's not for me, I'm afraid. What little I have absorbed has made me realise that there are plenty of people who think otherwise, and good luck to them - it's a free country.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:14 03 Jan 07

is most definitely not for me, I avoid it like the plague.

"Should i start watching it??" Season8, don't do it, keep your self respect intact :-)

  rodriguez 20:19 03 Jan 07

All you are missing really season8 is, in the words of Billy Connelly, "sitting on a sofa watching people sit on a sofa".

  PurplePenny 20:47 03 Jan 07

What I find odd is the viewing figures. According to them reality TV is just as popular (maybe more so) than ever yet that isn't the impression I get from hearing people talk (or not talk!) about it.

When Big Brother first started I heard people on the bus discussing it and *lots* of people at work talked about it. The same for I'm a Celebrity and X-Factor. Yet for the last series of these shows I haven't heard anyone at work, or on the bus, talking about them. Out of interest I asked at work (in the common room during lunch) whether anyone was watching one of them (I'm a Celebrity I think): one person said she watched a bit if it was on; another said that she did sometimes put it on deliberately, but she sounded really apologetic about it!

The only reality show I hear discussed now is Strictly Come Dancing.

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