Oh dear, PayPal compromised again.

  pj123 17:48 15 Aug 07

Seems like the PayPal account I don't have has been compromised again.

Do they actually catch anyone with these emails?

I just delete them.

  Si_L 17:50 15 Aug 07

The amount of threads raised on this topic shows the scale of the phishing problem...

  TopCat® 00:33 16 Aug 07
  laurie53 09:08 16 Aug 07

Not sure I'm aware of this one. Could someone give more details?

What's so different about PayPal phishing attempts and ordinary bank account ones?

Must admit I've had a couple of PayPal ones along with bank and building society ones - I just dump the lot. Should I have been more cautious?

  spuds 12:19 16 Aug 07

I treat all PayPal phishing emails like any other phishing emails, just delete them. End of problem.

There are a number of programmes available on the internet, that are suppose to be able to suss out a false or genuine email.Never tried any of these programmes, so I do not know if they rely work. But anyone concerned about false emails, might consider trying this option.

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