Obscene Payouts? (compensation)

  hssutton 14:19 25 Nov 08

After all the financial misery that many of the British people are suffering or are about to suffer, I read the following

The Assistant Commissioner will retire from the Metropolitan Police force immediately, and - as well as the race claim payout of £300,000 - he will also be entitled to a lump sum pension payment of £522,000 and an index-linked pension of £85,000 a year.

Sir Ian officially leaves his post. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner,is to receive a golden handshake of about £295,000 - the remainder of his salary had he fulfilled his five-year contract. On top of this Sir Ian will receive a lump sum pension payout of £672,000 and an index-linked pension of £126,000 a year.

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  Kaacee 14:44 25 Nov 08

Your heading says it all

  beeuuem 14:48 25 Nov 08

If that is discrimination can I have some?

  sunnystaines 15:59 25 Nov 08

its wrong it will send the wrong message to employers making then scared to employ ethnics incase of racial allegations of lack promotion.

  laurie53 20:22 25 Nov 08

Obscene - likely to deprave or corrupt.

Is that really likely in this case, unless he's going to use it to bribe his erstwhile colleagues for some nefarious purpose?

  sunnystaines 20:35 25 Nov 08

some may use this example to play the race card as they are not good enough for promotion.

promotion goes on merit not race.

  jakimo 20:37 25 Nov 08

According to the BBC news he withdrew the alleged race discrimination claim & settled for the money..now theres a man of principle

  syylo 22:20 25 Nov 08

There is NO justification on whatever scale anyone wants to shout here for a wage of that amount regardless of position, this is sheer abuse on any scale!! these dont know what its like to earn £1000 per month,as i can respect there posistion there is absolutly NO WAY they should get these benefits as well as a SERIOUS wage..its ALL tax payers you know..you & i paying for them...BUT again another MOCK in the system & nothing gets done no deductions no sense of abuse..page gets turned over next week...nothing heard of again..rest my case...

  syylo 22:23 25 Nov 08

should we start a protest with parlament..? & get no where..?

  the hick 22:32 25 Nov 08

Seems that Sir Ian resigns, but still gets paid. Not many of us can do that! Some may say, if he had a five-year contract, then he owes them!

  spuds 22:33 25 Nov 08

Why just pick out these two individuals, you only need to look at some of the pay-outs and previous contractual perks being given to financial wizards and overseers who managed to make some massive mis-judgements. And not just the UK.

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