Oak tree felled despite protest

  Strawballs 25 Sep 12

I can understand why some local people get upset, but it would be different if they were offering to pay for the maintenance of the tree or any damage it does to the property it's in.

Oak Tree felled

  oresome 25 Sep 12

It's quite possible that removal of the tree will cause more damage to the properties than leaving it in situ.

The increased water content in the soil could create heave which damages foundations.

I do agree the tree overwhelms the properties

  spuds 25 Sep 12

Tree's can cause all sorts of concerns and possible problems, and sometimes council's and environmentalist can cause far more.

It always pays to know the fall story before reaching a verdict of what is right or wrong. Failing to do so can produce the wrong picture.

I knew a police officer who lost his job, due to a long standing dispute between two neighbours regarding a tree. He chose the wrong person to arrest, and his actions led to his dismissal from the force.

I myself are in a dispute this very moment in time with the local council regarding a tree and one of their tenants, and some property I own. Its being going on for some time now, and the resolution to issues are still very far away. The tree's now been cut down to ground level, but the argument remains as to what lies below ground level, and whose responsibility it as become. The council were going to deal with the matter of removal, but it would appear nowto have become a possible rather large expense for them?.

  Strawballs 25 Sep 12

Tree's roots can cause damage to foundations and sewer systems.

  finerty 26 Sep 12

so what type f tree will they plant? an oak or something else


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