NTL - Great support

  pj123 16:16 25 Jul 06

Just had a major power cut in this area. Lasted for about 1 hour and 5 minutes. During this time both my NTL cable phones were working. Once the power came back on again neither of my phones are now working. I went on to the NTL website support. Contact them to report a problem with my phones, and what did I get.

"To help you with your problem please call 0845 454 0000."

I can't call them on the phone because they are not working, which is why I thought I would try their online helpdesk.

  ade.h 16:20 25 Jul 06

A phone company that wants you to call it when your phones fail. That is silly - not everyone has a mobile phone.

You should post that in the "What really bugs you" thread!

  pj123 16:38 25 Jul 06

ade.h, now that's a good idea but this is the first time anything like that has happened to me.

Fortunately, I do have a mobile phone and managed to get through to them. They admit there is a prolem in my area and the phones should be back on again by 1930.

This is rather like "Keyboard not found, press any key to continue"???

  pj123 16:39 25 Jul 06

Oops! prolem = problem.

  freaky 18:46 25 Jul 06

A couple of years ago, we had intermittent problems with our NTL broadband and digital TV, it only occurred during the day. They came a few times to investigate, and finally found an ants nest in one of green terminal boxes at the end of the road !

  pj123 18:46 25 Jul 06

Phones are now back on line 1840. NTL rang me to tell me that everything should be back to normal.


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