Now why didn't I think of that??

  Nontek 18 Jun 13
  Woolwell 18 Jun 13

I had one of those wheels on my bike many years ago but in those days it was called buckled.

Seriously - it looks an interesting idea.

  Nontek 18 Jun 13


Yes, just think of all those perfectly good buckled wheels that have been thrown away!

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 13

Can't get my head round the principle yet. Will read some more!

  Nontek 18 Jun 13

It was an accidental discovery, but I think it is just brilliant. Probably faster on a race track, more stable on slippery surfaces, even perhaps amphibious with a bit more tweaking :-))

  Nontek 18 Jun 13

An amphibious car with properly designed wheels-n-tyres could virtually skate across water, as long as it was nice and calm! Maybe Mr Clarkson could be encouraged to make a prototype :-))

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 13

'Maybe Mr Clarkson could be encouraged to make a prototype :-))'

In the expectation that he test drives it and it sinks!

  Nontek 18 Jun 13


Precisely ...

  wiz-king 18 Jun 13

Square? not by my definition!

"A square has equal sides and every angle is a right angle (90°)

Also opposite sides are parallel."

  Forum Editor 18 Jun 13

It's not a square at all. It is curved throughout its circumference, and as far as I can see it seems like a brilliant innovation.

  Nontek 18 Jun 13

Apparently it is formed around a cubed center, which is why it has been described as round.

A bit like Poetic License?


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