Now we're up against the "Bear" (Soviet Union)

  Sapins 09:19 19 Jul 07

what should we be called under our new prime minister?

  Stuartli 09:33 19 Jul 07

Brown bear?

  Sapins 09:35 19 Jul 07

Very good:-)

  Quickbeam 09:43 19 Jul 07

This'll probably become the reason to build a new generation of nuclear power plants... we can't trust Russia to supply gas for us to burn.

  sunny staines 10:41 19 Jul 07

he has a poor track record re pensions and selling off our gold and giving too much to single mums.
perhaps just browns browned off citizens.

  Kate B 11:05 19 Jul 07

"Giving too much to single mums"? Care to elaborate on that, ss?

  spuds 13:14 19 Jul 07

Its good be the beholder of power. A few vodkas and whiskeys, a puff or two of cigar smoke, should bring calm ;o)

  Forum Editor 18:15 19 Jul 07

Have I missed something? I thought we had simply chucked out 4 of each others diplomats.

It'll blow over pretty quickly - both countries want to trade, and trade is important. Neither government is going to do anything that's so serious it will jeopardise trade.

  robgf 18:35 19 Jul 07

There's a lot of huffing and puffing going on, the RAF scrambled fighters to intercept Russian bombers on Tuesday. Used to happen quite a bit when I was a lad.
click here

I think it's a lot of fuss over nothing. We should have just politely asked the Russians to shoot the next person they wanted to get rid of. Not spread nuclear material about, where it might harm the innocent.

  laurie53 20:36 19 Jul 07

I think it's disgraceful.

Our own Special Forces would never think of going into another country to dispose of its citizens!

  Ranger 23:19 19 Jul 07

Laurie53, I think you would be surprised there, I would stake my life on it our forces have taken out enemies in other lands and probaly quite rightly at times as well

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