And now it's time to SUE

  carver 09:18 13 Oct 12

Wondered how long before we had the "I want money" for my traumatic experience lot came on the scene enter link description here

I have posted this separately as I don't think it right to include it in any of the other postings about SJ

  Forum Editor 09:57 13 Oct 12

If you had suffered the sexual abuse that some of these people had to endure you might not be inclined to take such a cynical view.

If it can be demonstrated that the NHS or the BBC acted negligently by allowing Savile to continue to have access to young people, when they knew of his abuse, or had good reason to suspect he was an abuser, they are indeed open to legal action.

Blame the criminal, not the victims. Sexual abuse leaves people mentally scarred for life. Don't trivialise that by referring to them as the "I want money" for my traumatic experience lot

  namtas 10:49 13 Oct 12

"Mentally scarred for life"
rightly so we have damages as compensation where a wrongful act has been proved, but when the crime occurred more than 25 years does anyone believe that compensation can somehow suddenly remove a trauma experience I don't think so. There may be a few who continue to require medical help and compensation will provide for that, But I have the belief that there will be some who have kept quiet up to this point but now see this as an opportunity.

  johndrew 11:25 13 Oct 12

Perhaps, for just a minute, there should be some consideration as to where this "compensation" will come from. If those being sued were simply companies in the private sector it would be shareholders or insurance that would be the source. However, both the NHS and the BBC are funded from the public purse and as a result it will be the taxpayer in this case. As a result it could cost some people very dearly if the funding is not available for their treatment in the NHS; there is already a restriction on treatment levels and medicines.

Before blindly giving away money please consider those who may also be affected.

  Bing.alau 13:26 13 Oct 12

I imagine JS didn't die intestate. Somebody inherited his money. Money he should never have been allowed to accumulate and wouldn't have, if some of the stories of cover ups are to be proved. Maybe the victims can sue the people who profited when JS died.

Then again JS may have already left his cash to a good cause.

  carver 13:44 13 Oct 12

F.E I heard one "victim" describe how J.S had put his hand on her shoulder and then put his hand on her leg and she described the "intense" feeling of revulsion as he did so.

All these "victims" have only just recalled how traumatised they are after all this time, I bet half of them couldn't wait to tell their friends at the time just what a great time they had with the pervert.

And yes I do feel sympathy for people who have been abused but I would imagine that at the time a lot of these girls didn't have to be asked twice.

  Forum Editor 14:39 13 Oct 12


**"I bet half of them couldn't wait to tell their friends at the time just what a great time they had with the pervert. I would imagine that at the time a lot of these girls didn't have to be asked twice."**

Do you really have to be so offensive? They weren't even asked at all.

You have absolutely no idea how these people felt, or what they thought at the time. You might have your own cynical views on the subject, but at least have the decency to respect other peoples' feelings. If you're a man you can't have the faintest clue about how a young girl or woman might feel when being sexually abused. or what effect it has in later life.

As for "All these "victims" have only just recalled how traumatised they are after all this time" That's another example of you pretending you know what has been in their minds since they were abused.

  carver 16:11 13 Oct 12

And I suppose I was being cynical when I thought that this person just wanted his money enter link description here as for the other postings about getting money from his estate it's all gone to charities.

  feb 16:35 13 Oct 12

If it can be proved, that, as has been stated, the nurses, carers and staff, of the hospitals, BBC and now ,prison,where the alleged offences occurred, have turned a "Blind eye" to the goings on, then they are as guilty as the man in question!

  Flak999 18:11 13 Oct 12

As is usually the case, it will only be the lawyers that make any real money out of this sorry situation!

  LanceAlot 10:23 14 Oct 12

Abused children invariably blame themselves: "If it hadn't been for me it wouldn't have happened". Unless they undergo proper therapy this unconscious guilt will follow them for the rest of their lives.

I have said elsewhere that the authorities who condoned this predatory pervert's abuse should hang their heads in shame. They should also face their day of reckoning, not so much for financial gain but to hopefully ensure this type of abuse from supposedly trusted people never happens again.

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