NOW final edition

  Graham* 28 Nov 11

Your last chance for a bargain ebay

  Forum Editor 28 Nov 11

For once I'm lost for words.

  Graham* 28 Nov 11

I've asked a question about the crossword. We'll never know the solution now.

  ams4127 29 Nov 11

Ye Gods!!

  interzone55 29 Nov 11

Well they're offering free posting in the UK...

  wee eddie 29 Nov 11

I've made a .99p offer. I tried to go 20p but eBay would not accept that low.

  Graham* 29 Nov 11

Received a response to my 'crossword' question: 'No it hasn't been touched'.

That's a relief - nothing worse than paying £10,000 for a newspaper only to find someone's done the crossword.

  Mr Mistoffelees 29 Nov 11

Another eBayer is asking for £1600 and a third one is asking for £7.99 each for 2 copies.

  zzzz999 30 Nov 11

expensive toilet paper

  Autoschediastic 30 Nov 11

Graham* lool made me laugh!

Ive STILL got mine upstairs & although i dont think ive got the supplement the paper was read once and i put it away...IF anyone wants it just buy me an i7 (Desktop) with the 990x Or the AMD Bulldog chip in it and a nice GTX590 & this paper's yours! :-)

  QuizMan 30 Nov 11

I still have a last day edition of the Today newspaper, 17 Nov 1995. It cost me 27p. I wonder if that was a wise investment.


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