Not really a sports fan but

  pj123 16:16 21 Dec 08

have just been watching the Snooker.

Is it compulsory that all snooker players have to be wearing black?

  dms_05 17:39 21 Dec 08


  newman35 17:50 21 Dec 08

Snooker was always played in black waitcoats , bow ties and 'dress' trousers.
Over the years things have just changed, but only recently have black shirts become the 'in' thing.
Alex Higgins had to get medical dispensation to be allowed to play without a tie, I seem to remember.

  Legolas 17:59 21 Dec 08

You memory serves you well concerning Alex Higgings.

A couple of years ago dress code changed slightly inasmuch as players were allowed to dispense with a tie if they were playing in the afternoon but still need to wear one if playing in the evening.

  canarieslover 18:15 21 Dec 08

Don't worry, your still not a sports fan. Snooker is just a well paid pastime, no energy involved whatsoever. The only thing that makes them perspire is the heat of the lights.

  donki 20:13 21 Dec 08

Well if I had the talent the players had I would quite happily make it my "pastime". I would just have to put in the 7 hours each day that is required to get to the top. It my not be pysically taxing but it cetainly is mentally.

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