Not Just Another Petition

  Bingalau 11:39 01 Jun 07

I hope the FE doesn't mind me bringing this site to your attention click here

  wellshgit 12:05 01 Jun 07

thanks for the link, a very worthy petition. just signed it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:05 01 Jun 07

'failed to demonstrate strong ties with the UK'...I am utterly speechless for once in my life. Pity he is not a Polish plumber or Roumanian gypsy. / eyes raise


  Jak_1 12:14 01 Jun 07

Duly signed. I had the privilledge of working with the Gurkhas whilst I was a matelot serving on HMS Gurkha in 1979/80.

  missingit 12:19 01 Jun 07

The treatment of the Gurkha's is an absolute disgrace,not just by this government,the Conservatives should also hang there heads in shame.

I've most definitely signed.

Thanks Bingalau

  bremner 12:19 01 Jun 07

Unbelievable - what kind of person is it who makes a decision such as this.

  Dizzy Bob 12:31 01 Jun 07


Thanks to Bingalau for posting.


signed, there's far too many faceless jobsworths in this country who have not got the faintest grip on reality or respect.

  hkvic 12:38 01 Jun 07


I had the honour to know and work with these wonderful blokes when I lived and worked in Hong Kong.

Whoever makes these decisions should be ashamed.

  TopCat® 12:47 01 Jun 07

Signed with pleasure and out of deep respect for these valiant people. TC.

  Totally-braindead 12:56 01 Jun 07

Signed as this is truly pathetic, agree with the others they should be ashamed, deeply ashamed at this.

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